Wrath of Righteous

Session 1

The party was invited to the Godsmouth Cathedral in Kaer Maga’s Bottoms District. There they met a Pharasmin priestess named Valanthe Nerissia.

Valanthe Nerissa informed the Party that recently, the Pharasmins have noticed that bodies are disappearing from the ossuary. At first only a few cadavers went missing, but the number has increased rapidly over the last few weeks. I’ve been instructed to offer you 500 gold pieces for successfully stopping whatever is behind the disappearing bodies, and an additional reward of 250 gold pieces for clearing the level of all threats. Further in addition, any valuables you find in the sealed crypts are yours to keep, barring any obviously Pharasmin relics or treasures. I need not tell you the need to be discreet about this matter. We can make your life in Kaer Maga very difficult for you should you wag your tongues too much. I ask you to return in 1 day if you decide to take on this venture.

Valanthe Nerrisa offered to host the Party for a meal and a warm bed to sleep in while they make up their minds. The party accepted the generous invitation. Upon arrival to their individual lodgings they received a gift in a their room. A special kit designed specifically their chosen trade. On the backpack kit had gold stitching’s of their name sewn into it. Where the gift came from remains a mystery.

Early the next day a monk showed the Party to the local market. Where a few things happened…

They met a strange shopkeeper at the Blood,Bath, and Beyond store who seemed to be dealing more than the typical goods traded.

Menaan got his ass grabbed by a blind woman and his future foretold with a warning of the Phrasians.

Razzak encountered a small child whose mother was abducted and forced into the local slave market. Luckily Razzak was able to compel the slave trader to release the mother.

Upon the end of the shopping extravaganza Tempest over heard near an abandoned shop that used to be a brothel according to Lyszt some plots of an invasion.

Lyszt heard a scream and told the party there was a woman inside and Davim went charging in to save the day.

It was infested with mites and other under-dark beasties. The party was able to thwart the mites plans with Superior combat skills for a supposed invasion force, and were rewarded with many fine armaments. They spent the rest of the day shopping.

It is now 1hr till their time to arrive at the Cathedral where they will decide to accept Valanthe Nerrisa offer were they will begin day 3 in Kaer Maga.


Pexx Pexx

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