Wrath of Righteous

Session 2

The party was escorted down by Valanthe to the Godsmouth Ossuary to begin their adventure.
Valanthe gave to Razzak a mithral tube about 1 foot long called the “Chime of Opening” with 5 charges. She instructed them that the Chime may be used to get through the seals below, but they should make sure they save at least 1 charge to get through the main door again cause once they enter they will close and lock the door behind them to not let anything unnatural enter.
was the first brave soul to descend down the spiral staircase. At the bottom in the main open room he discovered 3 Darkmantels where the party was quick to dispatch these awful beasties.

Once the carnage had cleared there were 3 doors set before them 1 East, 1 West, and 1 to the north. The party tried at the Eastern door first. This revealed the Shrine of the Peacock Spirit. A large statue depicting a tall feather emblazoned with a large open eye. Though apparently carved from stone, the statue gleamed with a golden-green iridescence. The party found an inscription carved into the floor between the western doors and the statue stating the following….
“Though veiled behind the plumage of the soul, the Eye still sees, unblinking, through all the ages, from the beginning to the end of time. When the Three are One, and the spirit becomes flesh, the Seal may be opened and the Sleepers awakened. And the glorious apocalypse shall consume us all”!

A pair of doors stands to the eastern wall of the short L shaped room, but the party was unable to open to it.

The party attempted to go through the Northern door (by using 1 of the charges) in the main entrance next. There they encountered a never ending sea of Mites. Through Spell and Blade the party parted this sea. Menaan was badly injured at the beginning of the fight misfiring his bow into his throat, but luckily *Davim*** and Pexx were able to come to his aid. One point with a mighty blow from Goopi’s blade Lyszt **was doused with Mite inureds covering her from head to toe. Rowel and Pexx decided to stay behind at the main entrance way and do a bit of gambling while the others went on ahead.

Beyond the next set of doors layed The Grand Cathedral. The Ceiling of this cavernous chamber vaults to a height of sixty feet, forming an architectural wonder unsupported by any visible columns or buttresses. Forty feet overhead, a wide stone bridge with an elaborately carved railing arches over the chamber from North to South, jointing two sets of massive bronze doors at either end. The central portion of the chamber contains an inlaid spirals symbol and is recessed into the floor, with eight staircases leading up to a wide ledge that encircles the room ten feet above. On this ledge stand bronze doors to the east and west. Eith larger-than-life statues stand upon the ledge as well, evenly spaced around the room’s circumference- seven carved from white stone, and the eighth carved from black stone.
Davim **was able to surmise that this Grand Cathedral, was dedicated to Pharasma, though in an architectural style much different from the Gothic Pharasmin cathedrals of the modern day. Though not a major god in the Thassilonian pantheon, Pharasma was still worshiped primarily as the goddess of death (though also in her other aspects as goddess of birth, fate and prophecy), and the ossuary and cathedral itself were dedicated to her. Of course, the runelords would not build such a grand temple to a single god without representations of their own nearly godlike power, so the temple and its crypts are also dedicated to the seven rewards o rule and the seven runelords themselves.

The party was also able to recognize the statues as the seven runelords of ancient Thassilon; he was able to identify each roomlord by name. (Clockwise around the cathedral starting with the southwestern statue, the statue depict) tall man with gems set in his forehead, wielding a flaming glaive (Karzoug, Runelord of Greed); a beautiful woman with wild hair, holding a ranseur (Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath); a voluptuous, nude woman wielding a two-headed guisarme (Sorshen, Runelord of Lust); a short, smiling man holding a longspear (Krune, Runelord of Sloth); an obese man with rotting flesh, wielding a scythe (Zutha, Runelord of Gluttony); a handsome, bearded man in extravagant clothes, wielding a lucerne hammer (Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride); and an imperious, heavyset woman holding a mirror and a halberd (Belimarius, Runelord
of Envy).

The eighth statue (in the south-southeast part of the room) is carved from dark diorite and is threefold in form, portraying a tall woman with three faces looking in three different directions. One side has a kind face and cradles a baby in its arms, while a second side displays a more stern expression and holds an hourglass. The third face has a crazed look; its hands are empty, but thornless roses twine up both arms. the statue as an archaic representation of Pharasma in her three aspects: the midwife, the reaper, and the prophet.

The party after further investigation to decide to touch one of the statues. It shocked them very badly. Enrique the brave soul that he was. Went into investigate and was torn asunder by a booby trap instantly dyeing. Lyszt didn’t seem to distraught by the loss of her familiar. After more investigation of that room it revealed little more than more corpses.
So they tried the black statue. This lead them to more corpses but a strange darkness that light could not penetrate beyond and no dark vision could pierce with their eyes. Menaan being the brave lad that he is tied a pot to one end of a rope and another end of the rope to himself. He was sucked in liked a spaghetti noodle. The party being startled (and careful deliberation) jumped in after him into the darkness. It teleported them unbeknowned to them to the other side of the eastern door from the main entrance.

The room the party was teleported in revealed a new statue. A strange statue of a half-snake, half-human creature stands in a wide alcove to the south of the room of two stone doors. Comprising the lower body of a coiling serpent and the upper torso of a human woman, the statue has six wings and a disk containing a seven-pointed star in place of it’s head. It’s crossed arms hold a quill and whip, and the entire statue is covered in verdigris. The faint outline of a strange suns can be made out beneath the patina coating the statue. Davim again was able to determine that this was a deity portraying the goddess of runes, fate, and the reward of service Lissala. Like the Peacock Spirit, her worship was common in old Thassilon, but has died out in modern times.

The proceeded western through doors. They continued west till they come across the door. They opened that door revealing a multitude of Tengus. They seemed frightened. Menaan able to speak Goblin was able to communicate with them. They told him that they came in through the clift side entrance and were looking for treasure. One room they entered according to the Tengu evil lived. And one of there brothers had fallen. They fled to the room the party had entered for safety. Also the Tengu told Menaan that these rooms were not for body storage, but body preparation like for embalming. After all was said and done all but 1 of the Tengu fled down the entrance they had come in. The 1 that remained acted as a guide to the party showing them the room of evil.

The door opened very strangely. The doorknob seemed to move of it’s own free will not wanting to be opened. Davim however was able to snag the handle as it propelled him up and down the door frame. He was eventually able to twist the knob open. Inside were 3 Lust spawn.
The lustspawn attempted to go for *Lyszt
and not paying attention to much else. The party however was able to defend her. Slaying these beast.

The party has decided to rest after about 5hrs of nonstop action. The Tengu gave Menaan a potion of conception. What Menaan plans to do with this potion still remains a mystery.

It will be 4:00am in game time when the party rests.


Pexx Pexx

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