Wrath of Righteous

Session 3

The party awoke to someone shouting out the closed door. When they opened the door standing before them was a Catfolk named Kuro. After much deliberation of trying to find out Kuro’s motives for being in the Ossuary it was determined that he would accompany the party throughout the dungeon.

The Tengu decided to part company with adventurers he had shown them all he could. He gave Menaan another potion of Conception. What Menaan plans to do with these potions still remains a mystery.

Goopi decided to stay up rather than resting to make potions for the party to heal their wounds. It turned out this was a great course of action for the adventuring group cause they would soon encounter many badies.

Kuro’s story was that he sought refuge after his trusty steed had fallen in the Cliffside’s of Kaer Maga. He took refuge in an opening where he discovered an entry way to the Ossuary.

The party continued on their course where they fought some beasties that erupted in a toxic cloud upon death. After which some time Rowel and Pexx stumbled upon the party to rejoin them.

After some more careful exploration Tempest discovered a secret passage way where they encountered some Skeleton Champions one of which was named Erdikhaan a defender for the Runelord of Wrath. After 2 skeltal warriors had fallen Rowel charged in Valiantly to try and kill Erdikhaan where he was sadly cut down from limb to limb. The party must venture to the Priest of Pharasma to try and bargain with them to bring their fallen comrade back to life

Lyszt stuffed much what was left of Rowel into her backpack. Dragging him in her wake. The party preceded and discovered the secret door had led them to the room with the rest of the shocking statues. They cleared out the rooms that the shocking statues were guarding by using a grappling hook. Unfortunately one of the rooms was infested with ghouls. One them bit Goopi who now has Ghoul Fever. After collecting the loots the party made way to camp for evening.

It is about 4:00pm daytime when the party begins to rest and the 4th session will begin at midnight the next day.


Pexx Pexx

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