Wrath of Righteous

Session 4

The party continued on the journey inside the Ossuary. They encountered some suits of armor that were infested with bugs. They were able to squash these pesky annoyances with ease.

Razzak, Menaan, and Davim encountered a room that seem to teleport them accross the hall to an exactly identical room. It seemed odd, but nothing out the oridinary till they stepped out into the hallway. Then they notice things were not as they were. What once on their left was on their right and visa versa. Even their organs seemed to have shifted. They tried reversing this effect, but to no avail.

Another room they explored seem to have tons of Thassolianian writings scribbled on the wall. they were attempting to study these except for Menaan and Razzak who seem interested in a statue that they pulled down with a grappling hook and rope. As it turned out their assumption of statues being a pain in this place was an accurate one. As the statues did come to life! They swormed above the parties heads and they were able to vanquish these flighty statues.

The party decided to rest to make potions and scribe spells as Lyszt was able to conjure up her old familiar with a very extensive spell that required 8hrs to complete.

The party encountered some ghoulish flying heads, but these as well fell by the wayside from mighty blows from the party.

Further journeying in they found a Dark Creeper who appeared to be a minor annoyance as he quickly surrendered after a failed attempt at combat. After much deliberation of what to do with the Dark Creeper, the party decided to let him go.

The room next to this creeper was occupied by a Wormfolk Mystic who though was horrible to gaze upon was willing to sell some information to the party. Menaan tried bargaining with the Wormfolk, but it seemed useless. That’s when Tempest had an idea and put up a grand illusion to sneak past the Warmfolk unfortunately it let to a dead end. And after a while the Wormfolk seemed to want to breed with him as compensation with her time. Forntunetly Menaan ran away and the party came and slew the it.

Continuing on the party found a room with a giant pit in it. And Pexx informed the party of a secret door. Razzak was able to open the door and 3 Big Iron Cobra spewed forth from it. Goopi was able to throw a bomb inside inflicting massive damage to them. They had almost vanquished them when 3 giant skeletal snake looking things crawled forth from the pit.

Razzak,Goopi,Davim and Pexx were bitten by these things and fell in battle, but did not die.

Fortunately Lyszt,Tempest and Menaan were able to finish off all the snakes. The party is now currently licking their wounds in the room with the pit.

The party will be able to rest in 9hrs time. it is now 7:00am in game time


Pexx Pexx

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