Wrath of Righteous

(Session 5-7)

Sess 5-7

The party after a hectic battle with snakes made their way back to the Ossuary. They explained the situation to the Priestess. Who seemed to have a vague impression of what was going on. Seemed shocked at the matters going on right beneath her feet. The party pleaded that there friend Rowel could be resurrected. The priestess complied after careful deliberation with the monks with the condition that they return back to the Ossuary and that they should would have to resend the reward money offered for ridding the evil out of it. The party complied and Rowel was returned back to the realm of the living by one of the churches Clerics.

After a shopping expedition the party returned to the Ossuary and begin entering areas that they haven’t seen before. Razzak found a door behind some Ornate curtains that led them to a research Lab discovered by Menaan. They were set at bay by some undead, as a human creature fled the research lab. Sadly Lyszt fell in combat.

Pexx Discovered a secret door that led back up to the church to a room that for all intents and purposes was meant to prepare bodies for burial.

Rowel used this door to go up and beg with the priest once more to resurrect their fallen comrade. They said they could not afford the luxury this time, but to bring back a small diamond and 250 gold to resurrect her.

The party pursued the humanoid but came to an impasse with the floor way having a gaping a hole in it and just a narrow ledge to cross. After trial and error and a few injuries they were able to cross it.

After continuing down the hallway they encountered some undead handmaidens and man named Mr. Tripe. After some negotiation it was discovered he was the one behind bringing these dead back to life, but for selfish reasons. He was attempting to restore his wife back to the land of the living. Although she was alive by a gruesome experiment Tripe conducted on her she was not her former self. She was a sentient zombie.
As the negotiations/investigation grew heated Tripe snapped and the handmaidens assaulted the party along with his undead wife Esme. The party put up a fierce battle so fierce that Tripe surrendered.

The party decided to return to the church and turn over Mr. Tripe and his Sentient Undead Wife, but as they ascended back up the secret staircase. Something kept eating at Lear. He talked further with* Mr. Tripe* and Tripe made Lear promise to find a cure for his wife instead of turning her over to the church.

Mr. Tripe decided to cause a distraction when entering the church while Esme and Lear could exist the church and find a safe place of hiding for Esme. The party explained the goings on beneath the Ossuary and the church guard took Tripe in to custody till the council could decide what to do with him. Also Goopi presented a diamond and the party dipped in their pockets for the 250 gold to resurrect Lyszt and she as well was brought back to life.

Lear found a place to hide Esme in the town market. The old abandoned brothel that they slew the mites in. Lear instructed her to stay there why they made arrangements to care for you while Lear journeyed to find a cure for her.

Lear began inquiring around town with Razzak on where they might find the owner of the run down building that they stashed Esme in. He was able to find out from the slave trader that the owner of the building was a stern man named George. However while Lear was fishing for info the slave trader offered to sell Lear a slave which he bought then promptly free’d.

Razzak and Lear question the child to return her to her parents. But they travel from city to city as merchants. However she did say she had an aunt from her home town in Karcau. Razzak had heard this name before. And immediately took Lear and the girl to the church of Iomedea. Davim followed them into the church and it is there that Razzak revealed his calling by Iomedea and the recent dream he had of her instructing him to go to Karcau and return the light back to the people. They left the girl there while Lear and the others returned to the Ossaury.

The party returned back to the Ossuary as to complete their mission of clearing the evil out for the church. They were able to clear what they could find. Menaan discovered a monolith and after careful investigation after killing some zombie dogs he touched it. Afterwhich it spoke to him saying “_Beware of the Dark Rider_”.

After clearing a room Menaan discovered a door made out of solid bone. And attempted to go through it. When sharp sticks came jutting out the floor on both sides impaling him fortunately he did not die right away and was able to get healed up. They discovered past the bone door a solid blackness and Menaan went though it. It was also a teleportation device like the last one they encountered.


Pexx Pexx

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