Wrath of Righteous

(Session 8-9)

Sess 8-9

The adventurers finished exploring and clearing out the undead in the Ossuary. They reported in to the Priestess and were given a diamond for their just rewards.

Learuis purchased a coffin from the priestiest and with the help of Razzak drug it through town to the abandoned Brothel to sneak Esme out of the town to hopefully find a cure for her.

Later the next day Menaan arranged travel plans for the party. Even little Tabatha was able to tag along on their trip to* Karcau*. Their journey took them 8 days to cross.

Upon arriving to the inn Learuis delivered a packaged from the Priestess. Menaan began inquiring about finding someone that dealt with items not normally sold to the general public.

Later that night after all were asleep. A note was slipped under Learuis door. After reading it the next day he was invited to the Opera house with a guest to discuss some delicate matters of import. Enclosed as well were two tickets. Strangely enough there were smudges on the invitation resembling the Holy Symbol of the deity* Iomedae*.

Menaan & Tabatha accompanied Razzak and Learuis on their way to the Opera House. On there way Tabatha spotted her Aunts house. Menaan delivered the Tabatha to her aunt and the two embraced in much joy in being reunited. Menaan tossed Tabatha one final piece of candy and winked at her one last time as the door closed(In a non sexual way of course).

Upon arriving at the Opera house Menaan was barred access from entering the Opera House cause he did not have a ticket.

Learus and Razzak were escorted to a private booth in the balcony where they met lean Ustalavic noblewoman. She was a Venture-Captain by the name of Basia Kalistoff who had long dark hair, pale skin and sharp features who said the following.:

““Thank you for coming. I am Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff, currently without a home lodge. The* Decemvirate* requested that I speak with you here, in private, The Decemvirate and I recieved your package from the Pharasmian Priestess that you delivered to* Gaffer*, the barkeep to discuss a problem that needs sorted out. I trust you’ve heard of Skeldon Miregrold?” “*Miregrold* is a disreputable and duplicitous rogue of my own, noble, Ustalavic blood—my second cousin, in fact, though I’m loathe to admit it. He’s also quite renowned in our little Society, though again, few would boast of associating with him. When his father passed, Skeldon invested most of his sizable inheritance in illicit trade operations with the dark denizens that dwell below this city. Though he is valuable as a font of knowledge about the subterranean passages below—and the Darklands in general—he’d sell out his dying mother if he thought he could profit from it.
Despite my personal warnings, the Decemvirate granted him permission to open a lodge in Karcau, though this grant came with several stipulations. As I’d suspected, none of these conditions have been met. The Society requested Skeldon send them his research notes along with some samples of a rare mineral he’s being experimenting with called aureolyte. Neither the notes nor the samples ever arrived. Furthermore, it’s been a month since* Skeldon* contacted the Decemvirate, who are increasingly concerned about the additional finances they granted him to conduct his research. Other sources have led us to believe he has squandered this money for his own purposes and owes significant sums to one of Karcau’s most influential crime families.
“That’s what we need you for. Make your way to the Karcau Lodge and present Skeldon with these transfer orders.” She slides a stack of sealed envelopes across the table. “Once inside, try to collect whatever information you can about Skeldon, his side deals, and the kind of trouble he’s in. It would be even better if you could procure copies of his research and a sample of aureolyte. The Manor sits on a sizable hillside property just south of town. Any questions?”
Before you leave, Venture-Captain Kalistoff leans forward and in a hushed voice says: “On a personal note, I was the initial candidate for venture-captain of the Karcau Lodge. Behind my back, Miregrold went to the* Decemvirate* and bid me out of the position while his agents traveled throughout this city, slandering my reputation. I would love to restore the damage he’s done to my tarnished family name, but he precluded this through his bribes and blackmail. Thus, I have a strong personal interest in seeing the Decemvirate bring him to his knees. If you succeed in this endeavor, you will earn my eternal gratitude. and I will reward you thusly. I hope to soon be in a position to make it worth your while. Godspeed.”

Before agreeing to the task Razzak and informed the Venture Captain that they would need to discuss this in detail with their fellow adventures before agreeing to accept.

Razzak and Learuis returned to the inn to explain what they found out at the Opera.

This is where Session 10 will pick up at 10:00pm, Wealday, Abadius, 16th 4720 AR


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