Wrath of Righteous

(Session 8-9)
Sess 8-9

The adventurers finished exploring and clearing out the undead in the Ossuary. They reported in to the Priestess and were given a diamond for their just rewards.

Learuis purchased a coffin from the priestiest and with the help of Razzak drug it through town to the abandoned Brothel to sneak Esme out of the town to hopefully find a cure for her.

Later the next day Menaan arranged travel plans for the party. Even little Tabatha was able to tag along on their trip to* Karcau*. Their journey took them 8 days to cross.

Upon arriving to the inn Learuis delivered a packaged from the Priestess. Menaan began inquiring about finding someone that dealt with items not normally sold to the general public.

Later that night after all were asleep. A note was slipped under Learuis door. After reading it the next day he was invited to the Opera house with a guest to discuss some delicate matters of import. Enclosed as well were two tickets. Strangely enough there were smudges on the invitation resembling the Holy Symbol of the deity* Iomedae*.

Menaan & Tabatha accompanied Razzak and Learuis on their way to the Opera House. On there way Tabatha spotted her Aunts house. Menaan delivered the Tabatha to her aunt and the two embraced in much joy in being reunited. Menaan tossed Tabatha one final piece of candy and winked at her one last time as the door closed(In a non sexual way of course).

Upon arriving at the Opera house Menaan was barred access from entering the Opera House cause he did not have a ticket.

Learus and Razzak were escorted to a private booth in the balcony where they met lean Ustalavic noblewoman. She was a Venture-Captain by the name of Basia Kalistoff who had long dark hair, pale skin and sharp features who said the following.:

““Thank you for coming. I am Venture-Captain Basia Kalistoff, currently without a home lodge. The* Decemvirate* requested that I speak with you here, in private, The Decemvirate and I recieved your package from the Pharasmian Priestess that you delivered to* Gaffer*, the barkeep to discuss a problem that needs sorted out. I trust you’ve heard of Skeldon Miregrold?” “*Miregrold* is a disreputable and duplicitous rogue of my own, noble, Ustalavic blood—my second cousin, in fact, though I’m loathe to admit it. He’s also quite renowned in our little Society, though again, few would boast of associating with him. When his father passed, Skeldon invested most of his sizable inheritance in illicit trade operations with the dark denizens that dwell below this city. Though he is valuable as a font of knowledge about the subterranean passages below—and the Darklands in general—he’d sell out his dying mother if he thought he could profit from it.
Despite my personal warnings, the Decemvirate granted him permission to open a lodge in Karcau, though this grant came with several stipulations. As I’d suspected, none of these conditions have been met. The Society requested Skeldon send them his research notes along with some samples of a rare mineral he’s being experimenting with called aureolyte. Neither the notes nor the samples ever arrived. Furthermore, it’s been a month since* Skeldon* contacted the Decemvirate, who are increasingly concerned about the additional finances they granted him to conduct his research. Other sources have led us to believe he has squandered this money for his own purposes and owes significant sums to one of Karcau’s most influential crime families.
“That’s what we need you for. Make your way to the Karcau Lodge and present Skeldon with these transfer orders.” She slides a stack of sealed envelopes across the table. “Once inside, try to collect whatever information you can about Skeldon, his side deals, and the kind of trouble he’s in. It would be even better if you could procure copies of his research and a sample of aureolyte. The Manor sits on a sizable hillside property just south of town. Any questions?”
Before you leave, Venture-Captain Kalistoff leans forward and in a hushed voice says: “On a personal note, I was the initial candidate for venture-captain of the Karcau Lodge. Behind my back, Miregrold went to the* Decemvirate* and bid me out of the position while his agents traveled throughout this city, slandering my reputation. I would love to restore the damage he’s done to my tarnished family name, but he precluded this through his bribes and blackmail. Thus, I have a strong personal interest in seeing the Decemvirate bring him to his knees. If you succeed in this endeavor, you will earn my eternal gratitude. and I will reward you thusly. I hope to soon be in a position to make it worth your while. Godspeed.”

Before agreeing to the task Razzak and informed the Venture Captain that they would need to discuss this in detail with their fellow adventures before agreeing to accept.

Razzak and Learuis returned to the inn to explain what they found out at the Opera.

This is where Session 10 will pick up at 10:00pm, Wealday, Abadius, 16th 4720 AR

(Session 5-7)
Sess 5-7

The party after a hectic battle with snakes made their way back to the Ossuary. They explained the situation to the Priestess. Who seemed to have a vague impression of what was going on. Seemed shocked at the matters going on right beneath her feet. The party pleaded that there friend Rowel could be resurrected. The priestess complied after careful deliberation with the monks with the condition that they return back to the Ossuary and that they should would have to resend the reward money offered for ridding the evil out of it. The party complied and Rowel was returned back to the realm of the living by one of the churches Clerics.

After a shopping expedition the party returned to the Ossuary and begin entering areas that they haven’t seen before. Razzak found a door behind some Ornate curtains that led them to a research Lab discovered by Menaan. They were set at bay by some undead, as a human creature fled the research lab. Sadly Lyszt fell in combat.

Pexx Discovered a secret door that led back up to the church to a room that for all intents and purposes was meant to prepare bodies for burial.

Rowel used this door to go up and beg with the priest once more to resurrect their fallen comrade. They said they could not afford the luxury this time, but to bring back a small diamond and 250 gold to resurrect her.

The party pursued the humanoid but came to an impasse with the floor way having a gaping a hole in it and just a narrow ledge to cross. After trial and error and a few injuries they were able to cross it.

After continuing down the hallway they encountered some undead handmaidens and man named Mr. Tripe. After some negotiation it was discovered he was the one behind bringing these dead back to life, but for selfish reasons. He was attempting to restore his wife back to the land of the living. Although she was alive by a gruesome experiment Tripe conducted on her she was not her former self. She was a sentient zombie.
As the negotiations/investigation grew heated Tripe snapped and the handmaidens assaulted the party along with his undead wife Esme. The party put up a fierce battle so fierce that Tripe surrendered.

The party decided to return to the church and turn over Mr. Tripe and his Sentient Undead Wife, but as they ascended back up the secret staircase. Something kept eating at Lear. He talked further with* Mr. Tripe* and Tripe made Lear promise to find a cure for his wife instead of turning her over to the church.

Mr. Tripe decided to cause a distraction when entering the church while Esme and Lear could exist the church and find a safe place of hiding for Esme. The party explained the goings on beneath the Ossuary and the church guard took Tripe in to custody till the council could decide what to do with him. Also Goopi presented a diamond and the party dipped in their pockets for the 250 gold to resurrect Lyszt and she as well was brought back to life.

Lear found a place to hide Esme in the town market. The old abandoned brothel that they slew the mites in. Lear instructed her to stay there why they made arrangements to care for you while Lear journeyed to find a cure for her.

Lear began inquiring around town with Razzak on where they might find the owner of the run down building that they stashed Esme in. He was able to find out from the slave trader that the owner of the building was a stern man named George. However while Lear was fishing for info the slave trader offered to sell Lear a slave which he bought then promptly free’d.

Razzak and Lear question the child to return her to her parents. But they travel from city to city as merchants. However she did say she had an aunt from her home town in Karcau. Razzak had heard this name before. And immediately took Lear and the girl to the church of Iomedea. Davim followed them into the church and it is there that Razzak revealed his calling by Iomedea and the recent dream he had of her instructing him to go to Karcau and return the light back to the people. They left the girl there while Lear and the others returned to the Ossaury.

The party returned back to the Ossuary as to complete their mission of clearing the evil out for the church. They were able to clear what they could find. Menaan discovered a monolith and after careful investigation after killing some zombie dogs he touched it. Afterwhich it spoke to him saying “_Beware of the Dark Rider_”.

After clearing a room Menaan discovered a door made out of solid bone. And attempted to go through it. When sharp sticks came jutting out the floor on both sides impaling him fortunately he did not die right away and was able to get healed up. They discovered past the bone door a solid blackness and Menaan went though it. It was also a teleportation device like the last one they encountered.

Session 4

The party continued on the journey inside the Ossuary. They encountered some suits of armor that were infested with bugs. They were able to squash these pesky annoyances with ease.

Razzak, Menaan, and Davim encountered a room that seem to teleport them accross the hall to an exactly identical room. It seemed odd, but nothing out the oridinary till they stepped out into the hallway. Then they notice things were not as they were. What once on their left was on their right and visa versa. Even their organs seemed to have shifted. They tried reversing this effect, but to no avail.

Another room they explored seem to have tons of Thassolianian writings scribbled on the wall. they were attempting to study these except for Menaan and Razzak who seem interested in a statue that they pulled down with a grappling hook and rope. As it turned out their assumption of statues being a pain in this place was an accurate one. As the statues did come to life! They swormed above the parties heads and they were able to vanquish these flighty statues.

The party decided to rest to make potions and scribe spells as Lyszt was able to conjure up her old familiar with a very extensive spell that required 8hrs to complete.

The party encountered some ghoulish flying heads, but these as well fell by the wayside from mighty blows from the party.

Further journeying in they found a Dark Creeper who appeared to be a minor annoyance as he quickly surrendered after a failed attempt at combat. After much deliberation of what to do with the Dark Creeper, the party decided to let him go.

The room next to this creeper was occupied by a Wormfolk Mystic who though was horrible to gaze upon was willing to sell some information to the party. Menaan tried bargaining with the Wormfolk, but it seemed useless. That’s when Tempest had an idea and put up a grand illusion to sneak past the Warmfolk unfortunately it let to a dead end. And after a while the Wormfolk seemed to want to breed with him as compensation with her time. Forntunetly Menaan ran away and the party came and slew the it.

Continuing on the party found a room with a giant pit in it. And Pexx informed the party of a secret door. Razzak was able to open the door and 3 Big Iron Cobra spewed forth from it. Goopi was able to throw a bomb inside inflicting massive damage to them. They had almost vanquished them when 3 giant skeletal snake looking things crawled forth from the pit.

Razzak,Goopi,Davim and Pexx were bitten by these things and fell in battle, but did not die.

Fortunately Lyszt,Tempest and Menaan were able to finish off all the snakes. The party is now currently licking their wounds in the room with the pit.

The party will be able to rest in 9hrs time. it is now 7:00am in game time

Session 3

The party awoke to someone shouting out the closed door. When they opened the door standing before them was a Catfolk named Kuro. After much deliberation of trying to find out Kuro’s motives for being in the Ossuary it was determined that he would accompany the party throughout the dungeon.

The Tengu decided to part company with adventurers he had shown them all he could. He gave Menaan another potion of Conception. What Menaan plans to do with these potions still remains a mystery.

Goopi decided to stay up rather than resting to make potions for the party to heal their wounds. It turned out this was a great course of action for the adventuring group cause they would soon encounter many badies.

Kuro’s story was that he sought refuge after his trusty steed had fallen in the Cliffside’s of Kaer Maga. He took refuge in an opening where he discovered an entry way to the Ossuary.

The party continued on their course where they fought some beasties that erupted in a toxic cloud upon death. After which some time Rowel and Pexx stumbled upon the party to rejoin them.

After some more careful exploration Tempest discovered a secret passage way where they encountered some Skeleton Champions one of which was named Erdikhaan a defender for the Runelord of Wrath. After 2 skeltal warriors had fallen Rowel charged in Valiantly to try and kill Erdikhaan where he was sadly cut down from limb to limb. The party must venture to the Priest of Pharasma to try and bargain with them to bring their fallen comrade back to life

Lyszt stuffed much what was left of Rowel into her backpack. Dragging him in her wake. The party preceded and discovered the secret door had led them to the room with the rest of the shocking statues. They cleared out the rooms that the shocking statues were guarding by using a grappling hook. Unfortunately one of the rooms was infested with ghouls. One them bit Goopi who now has Ghoul Fever. After collecting the loots the party made way to camp for evening.

It is about 4:00pm daytime when the party begins to rest and the 4th session will begin at midnight the next day.

Session 2

The party was escorted down by Valanthe to the Godsmouth Ossuary to begin their adventure.
Valanthe gave to Razzak a mithral tube about 1 foot long called the “Chime of Opening” with 5 charges. She instructed them that the Chime may be used to get through the seals below, but they should make sure they save at least 1 charge to get through the main door again cause once they enter they will close and lock the door behind them to not let anything unnatural enter.
was the first brave soul to descend down the spiral staircase. At the bottom in the main open room he discovered 3 Darkmantels where the party was quick to dispatch these awful beasties.

Once the carnage had cleared there were 3 doors set before them 1 East, 1 West, and 1 to the north. The party tried at the Eastern door first. This revealed the Shrine of the Peacock Spirit. A large statue depicting a tall feather emblazoned with a large open eye. Though apparently carved from stone, the statue gleamed with a golden-green iridescence. The party found an inscription carved into the floor between the western doors and the statue stating the following….
“Though veiled behind the plumage of the soul, the Eye still sees, unblinking, through all the ages, from the beginning to the end of time. When the Three are One, and the spirit becomes flesh, the Seal may be opened and the Sleepers awakened. And the glorious apocalypse shall consume us all”!

A pair of doors stands to the eastern wall of the short L shaped room, but the party was unable to open to it.

The party attempted to go through the Northern door (by using 1 of the charges) in the main entrance next. There they encountered a never ending sea of Mites. Through Spell and Blade the party parted this sea. Menaan was badly injured at the beginning of the fight misfiring his bow into his throat, but luckily *Davim*** and Pexx were able to come to his aid. One point with a mighty blow from Goopi’s blade Lyszt **was doused with Mite inureds covering her from head to toe. Rowel and Pexx decided to stay behind at the main entrance way and do a bit of gambling while the others went on ahead.

Beyond the next set of doors layed The Grand Cathedral. The Ceiling of this cavernous chamber vaults to a height of sixty feet, forming an architectural wonder unsupported by any visible columns or buttresses. Forty feet overhead, a wide stone bridge with an elaborately carved railing arches over the chamber from North to South, jointing two sets of massive bronze doors at either end. The central portion of the chamber contains an inlaid spirals symbol and is recessed into the floor, with eight staircases leading up to a wide ledge that encircles the room ten feet above. On this ledge stand bronze doors to the east and west. Eith larger-than-life statues stand upon the ledge as well, evenly spaced around the room’s circumference- seven carved from white stone, and the eighth carved from black stone.
Davim **was able to surmise that this Grand Cathedral, was dedicated to Pharasma, though in an architectural style much different from the Gothic Pharasmin cathedrals of the modern day. Though not a major god in the Thassilonian pantheon, Pharasma was still worshiped primarily as the goddess of death (though also in her other aspects as goddess of birth, fate and prophecy), and the ossuary and cathedral itself were dedicated to her. Of course, the runelords would not build such a grand temple to a single god without representations of their own nearly godlike power, so the temple and its crypts are also dedicated to the seven rewards o rule and the seven runelords themselves.

The party was also able to recognize the statues as the seven runelords of ancient Thassilon; he was able to identify each roomlord by name. (Clockwise around the cathedral starting with the southwestern statue, the statue depict) tall man with gems set in his forehead, wielding a flaming glaive (Karzoug, Runelord of Greed); a beautiful woman with wild hair, holding a ranseur (Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath); a voluptuous, nude woman wielding a two-headed guisarme (Sorshen, Runelord of Lust); a short, smiling man holding a longspear (Krune, Runelord of Sloth); an obese man with rotting flesh, wielding a scythe (Zutha, Runelord of Gluttony); a handsome, bearded man in extravagant clothes, wielding a lucerne hammer (Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride); and an imperious, heavyset woman holding a mirror and a halberd (Belimarius, Runelord
of Envy).

The eighth statue (in the south-southeast part of the room) is carved from dark diorite and is threefold in form, portraying a tall woman with three faces looking in three different directions. One side has a kind face and cradles a baby in its arms, while a second side displays a more stern expression and holds an hourglass. The third face has a crazed look; its hands are empty, but thornless roses twine up both arms. the statue as an archaic representation of Pharasma in her three aspects: the midwife, the reaper, and the prophet.

The party after further investigation to decide to touch one of the statues. It shocked them very badly. Enrique the brave soul that he was. Went into investigate and was torn asunder by a booby trap instantly dyeing. Lyszt didn’t seem to distraught by the loss of her familiar. After more investigation of that room it revealed little more than more corpses.
So they tried the black statue. This lead them to more corpses but a strange darkness that light could not penetrate beyond and no dark vision could pierce with their eyes. Menaan being the brave lad that he is tied a pot to one end of a rope and another end of the rope to himself. He was sucked in liked a spaghetti noodle. The party being startled (and careful deliberation) jumped in after him into the darkness. It teleported them unbeknowned to them to the other side of the eastern door from the main entrance.

The room the party was teleported in revealed a new statue. A strange statue of a half-snake, half-human creature stands in a wide alcove to the south of the room of two stone doors. Comprising the lower body of a coiling serpent and the upper torso of a human woman, the statue has six wings and a disk containing a seven-pointed star in place of it’s head. It’s crossed arms hold a quill and whip, and the entire statue is covered in verdigris. The faint outline of a strange suns can be made out beneath the patina coating the statue. Davim again was able to determine that this was a deity portraying the goddess of runes, fate, and the reward of service Lissala. Like the Peacock Spirit, her worship was common in old Thassilon, but has died out in modern times.

The proceeded western through doors. They continued west till they come across the door. They opened that door revealing a multitude of Tengus. They seemed frightened. Menaan able to speak Goblin was able to communicate with them. They told him that they came in through the clift side entrance and were looking for treasure. One room they entered according to the Tengu evil lived. And one of there brothers had fallen. They fled to the room the party had entered for safety. Also the Tengu told Menaan that these rooms were not for body storage, but body preparation like for embalming. After all was said and done all but 1 of the Tengu fled down the entrance they had come in. The 1 that remained acted as a guide to the party showing them the room of evil.

The door opened very strangely. The doorknob seemed to move of it’s own free will not wanting to be opened. Davim however was able to snag the handle as it propelled him up and down the door frame. He was eventually able to twist the knob open. Inside were 3 Lust spawn.
The lustspawn attempted to go for *Lyszt
and not paying attention to much else. The party however was able to defend her. Slaying these beast.

The party has decided to rest after about 5hrs of nonstop action. The Tengu gave Menaan a potion of conception. What Menaan plans to do with this potion still remains a mystery.

It will be 4:00am in game time when the party rests.

Session 1

The party was invited to the Godsmouth Cathedral in Kaer Maga’s Bottoms District. There they met a Pharasmin priestess named Valanthe Nerissia.

Valanthe Nerissa informed the Party that recently, the Pharasmins have noticed that bodies are disappearing from the ossuary. At first only a few cadavers went missing, but the number has increased rapidly over the last few weeks. I’ve been instructed to offer you 500 gold pieces for successfully stopping whatever is behind the disappearing bodies, and an additional reward of 250 gold pieces for clearing the level of all threats. Further in addition, any valuables you find in the sealed crypts are yours to keep, barring any obviously Pharasmin relics or treasures. I need not tell you the need to be discreet about this matter. We can make your life in Kaer Maga very difficult for you should you wag your tongues too much. I ask you to return in 1 day if you decide to take on this venture.

Valanthe Nerrisa offered to host the Party for a meal and a warm bed to sleep in while they make up their minds. The party accepted the generous invitation. Upon arrival to their individual lodgings they received a gift in a their room. A special kit designed specifically their chosen trade. On the backpack kit had gold stitching’s of their name sewn into it. Where the gift came from remains a mystery.

Early the next day a monk showed the Party to the local market. Where a few things happened…

They met a strange shopkeeper at the Blood,Bath, and Beyond store who seemed to be dealing more than the typical goods traded.

Menaan got his ass grabbed by a blind woman and his future foretold with a warning of the Phrasians.

Razzak encountered a small child whose mother was abducted and forced into the local slave market. Luckily Razzak was able to compel the slave trader to release the mother.

Upon the end of the shopping extravaganza Tempest over heard near an abandoned shop that used to be a brothel according to Lyszt some plots of an invasion.

Lyszt heard a scream and told the party there was a woman inside and Davim went charging in to save the day.

It was infested with mites and other under-dark beasties. The party was able to thwart the mites plans with Superior combat skills for a supposed invasion force, and were rewarded with many fine armaments. They spent the rest of the day shopping.

It is now 1hr till their time to arrive at the Cathedral where they will decide to accept Valanthe Nerrisa offer were they will begin day 3 in Kaer Maga.

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