The Charok are a race of lizardfolk hailing from the Mwangi Expanse in central Garund. They have carved out a somewhat prosperous existence of the treacherous surrounding jungle, using the extensive natural resources found in the Expanse to prop up their civilization. The Charoki “nation” consists primarily of the fortified city of Shezzar, located near the Lake of Vanished Armies, and several settlements scattered along the rivers to the north towards Mzali. Shezzar itself is a testament to the fortitude of its inhabitants and their determination to tame their environment. Constructed centuries ago in the wake of a nearly crippling civil war, Shezzar is well-maintained and an impressive sight for any travellers brave enough to make the trek inland.

Physical Description: Tall, reptilian humanoids, the Charok are imposing figures. They are covered in thick scales that are typically deep green or muddy brown, although slight shades of blue and red are not unheard of. Charok possess long, alligator-like tails that help to propel them through the rivers of their homeland with ease. They are natural hunters, with hands ending in claws and a maw full of small, sharp teeth. Charoki are sexually dimorphic; Males are muscular and often possess cranial crests and horns and females are lithe and typically possess head frills that are often decorated with jewellery or thin feathers akin to raptors.

Society: Charoki society is marked by an attitude of service. All Charok are expected to serve in the military as defenders of the realm, and full citizenship is not granted until service is complete. Standard military service is five years, during which young Charok will be trained to participate in patrolling their borders and defending commercial and military installations. Non-citizens are allowed to take menial labor jobs, but have no public voice and may not serve in the government. Public leadership is seen as an honor and a responsibility. Shezzar is ruled by a council of elders, chosen by the citizens of the city for their devotion to service of the greater good of society. The elders debate and vote on societal issues that arise and are allowed to pass legislation after a general vote is taken by the population.

Relations: Charok are inherently slightly distrusting towards other races due to their isolation and lack of experience dealing with other cultures. The dangers of the Mwangi Expanse dictate a vigilant stance towards any approach from outsiders into the Charoki realm. The city of Mzali to the north, with its expansionist and xenophobic god-king is the biggest cause of concern for the Charoki leaders and military. Recent years have seen an increase in incursions from the northern city, prompting Shezzar to bolster the ranks of full-time military defenders and reinforce its buffering outposts.
Trade with outside powers is limited, due to Mzali’s control of the rivers to Sargava and the dangers of the Lake of Vanished Armies. Trade does occur between Sargava and Shezzar, though the journey is long and often plagued by attacks from the slavers of Kaz’ulu, causing the value of trade goods to increase exponentially to compensate. Lately, however, as the military expansion of the Charoki state continues, attacks have begun to decline along the trade routes into and out of Shezzar and more goods are exchanging hands.

Alignment and Religion: Most Charok respect law, order, and discipline, at least within their own society. Mandatory military service has created a strong sense of civic duty, and most Charok will act in the manner they feel best benefits their society as a whole. At their best, most Charok are honorable and courageous defenders of others and their land. However, required service has lead to some outliers rebelling against established traditions and pursuing personal gain while working within the systems to do so. In relation to other people, the Charok can also seem condescending or judgmental of races they deem to have “inferior values” or a “lack of conviction”.
While the Charoki government is certainly not a theocracy, many members of society revere gods of justice, duty, or war. Iomedae and Torag feature prominently in most of society with various groups giving tribute to various other deities. Many mages revere Nethys as the god of their magical craft and Abadar is venerated by merchants and traders. Small, underground gatherings exist, making tribute to Asmodeus in a culture of might-makes-right and some of the more unstable members of the military worship Gorum, the violent god of battle.

Adventurers: Due to Shezzar being fairly isolated from other nations and the peoples’ devotion to service, most Charok are not prone to adventuring. Adventuring is often seen as negligence, or in extreme cases, dereliction of duty. However, as trade with other countries increases and the realm continues to become exposed to more, different cultures, some of the younger Charok have developed a strong desire to see more of the world. Using their military backgrounds to their advantage, many join mercenary companies or trade guilds as caravan guards.

Racial Traits:
+2 Strength, +2 Intelligence: Charok are powerful and cunning hunters. (2)
Medium: Charok are medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties associated with their size.
Type: Humanoid, Reptilian
Normal speed: Charok have a base movement speed of 30 feet.
Swim: Charok are nearly equally as at home in the water as on land, using their powerful tails for maneuvering. They have a swim speed of 30 feet and gain a +8 to Swim checks. (2)
Thick Scales: Charok gain a +1 Natural Armor Bonus due to their protective scales. (2)
Arcane Focus: Charok are disciplined spellcasters and gain a +2 racial bonus to Concentration checks while casting defensively. (1)
Darkvision: Charok are capable predators and can see into the infrared spectrum for 60ft. (2)
Spellcrafter: Charok are well-attuned to magic and gain a +2 racial bonus to Spellcraft checks. (2)
Languages: Charok begin play speaking Common and Draconic (with the Charoki dialect). Charok with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: any human tongue, Abyssal, Aklo, Celestial, Giant, Infernal, and Sylvan.

Alternate Race Traits:
Imposing Presence: Some Charok appear particularly threatening to outsiders. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Intimidate checks and Intimidate is always a class skill. Replaces Spellcrafter.

Favored Classes:
Fighter: Add +1 to the Fighter’s CMD when resisting a bull rush or trip.
Samurai: Add 1/4 uses per day to the Samurai’s Resolve.
Magus: Add 1/4 point to the Magus’s Arcane Pool.
Wizard: Select one arcane school power at 1st level that is normally usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the wizard’s Intelligence modifier. The wizard adds +1/2 to the number of uses per day of that arcane school power.
Sorcerer: Add one spell known from the sorcerer spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the sorcerer can cast.

Total RP: 11


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