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What the Hell happened today? I show up for this festival, nobody seems to know that the Crusades are supposed to be going on, and then like some cosmic act of comedy from one of Mom’s favorite plays, some kind of explosion goes off, a demon fights a dragon, and we all wake up in a hole.

Managed to make it out of the…crater? alive, ran into some creatures calling themselves mongrelmen. I can’t believe they’ve been down here since the First Crusade. Unbelievable. Why would they want to keep living down here when the overland is constantly under threat by the Abyss? I hesitate to use the word cowardice, but I can’t help it springing to mind. Still, the ones we discovered seemed reasonably amiable.

Another damn dream. You’d think after twelve years, they’d have stopped by now. Why do they keep happening? I talked to Learuis about it, and he seemed to think Iomedae might be causing me to keep having them. I have a hard time believing Our Lady would force me to remember something so traumatic…but maybe he’s onto something. I’m not sure I want to keep thinking about it that often, though.

I don’t know what we’re going to do when we get to the next camp of mongrelmen; I’ve never killed another intelligent creature before. What if they’re not evil and just trying to survive? Cowards their ancestors may have been, but these creatures are just the pitiful remnants trying to survive. I’m not sure what to think. We’re leaving in another hour, I’ll just have to be ready.

Razzak Journal

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